Sunday, October 19, 2014

I love them all differently

Most parents will claim to love all of their children the same. I don't. 

Don't misunderstand me, I love them all equally, in equal amounts, but the same? No. How could I possibly love three, completely unique, individual personalities, hearts and souls the same. I can't.

I love Ronan for his deep thoughtfulness, his kind, enormous heart and his sweet ways. I love his mind and his brain, the way he thinks, ponders and goes about his day. I love the way he is a big brother to Finn and Nell. I love the way he holds my hand and tells me that I'm beautiful. I love his beautiful smile. I love how smart he is, how well he does puzzles. I love his memory - it is incredible. I love the funny faces that he pulls and the way he sings. I love that he loves music, of all types. 

I love Finnian for his bigger than life personality; for his determination. I love his cuddles and his big blue eyes. I love the way he admires his big brother, Ronan, and how he adores his little sister Nellie. I love the way Finn loves, with a big heart and open arms. I love the way he wears his heart on his sleeve. I love how agile he is and how amazing his motor skills are. I love that he still needs us and wants us close by. I love that he loves the outdoors. 

I love Nellie for all of her sweetness and vulnerability. I love the way she smells and the way she stares into my eyes and smiles. I love her squeaks and squeals, her grunts and cries. I love the way she holds my hand as she feeds. I love that she loves to be held and sleeps soundly in our arms. I love her long eyelashes and chubby, super soft cheeks. I love that her ears are just like mine (like little dried apricots). 

My children are all different and so I love them all differently, for different reasons. 
Do I have a favourite? That's not possible. My three are equally as wonderful and equally as loveable. 


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in2014.'

Ronan: Working out your new birthday present.
Finnian: Mixing the waffle batter in preparation for breakfast.
Nellie: There is something about newborn feet that I just love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.'

Ronan: Cooling off on your birthday.
Finnian: 'Look mum! It makes an O!'
Nellie: Happily chilling out, being entertained by your brothers. 

I have a five year old

On Saturday our eldest turned five. That means it's been five and a half years since we were overseas, five and a half years since we bought our first home, and five years (and around nine months) that we have been parents.
Next year he will go to school for five days a week... and I will miss him.

You made me a mother. You expanded my heart and filled it with unconditional love. I have learnt more about myself over the last five years than I had in the twenty five years prior. Your smile is infectious, and your laughter contagious. You love music, singing and dancing; cars, wheels and ramps. Your favourite foods are wraps (burrito style), yoghurt and cheese. You're currently loving Ninja Turtles and excel at riding your bike. You are sweet, caring, considerate and thoughtful. Your brother is your best friend.
You are amazing and we love you so much.

We celebrated your birthday with the opening of gifts, a breakfast of 'Toad in a Hole*' (at your request), and then two birthday parties! Your friend had a party over lunch time, with a magic show and pass the parcel, then you and three of your friends had a combined 'Crazy Hat' party at a park by the water. It was a big day but so much fun.

*Bread with a hole in it, an egg cracked into the hole, then fried.