Tuesday, April 10, 2012

an interview with Jodi from Che and Fidel

Most of you are already readers of Che and Fidel, and if you are not, it really is worth a visit (but first you had better pour yourself a tea and get comfortable - you will be hooked!) It is an enchanting blog with inspiring photographs and elegant writings. It radiates sunshine and all things comforting and lovely.

Jodi is the author, and she has ever so kindly agreed to answer some questions for me, as I wanted to know more about the 'girl in the blog'.

Photo by Tim Coulson

What is it about blogging that you love? (Why do you blog?)

I initially started my blog as a record of Che's milestones. In retrospect I considered it an online, easily accessible baby book. As a professional writer I liked the fact that my work was instantly published and, in a sense, it encouraged me to step back into the magazine world after becoming a Mum. You could say my blog cured a long stint of writer's block! 

But now? It feels like I've been welcomed into a fabulous community of like-minded women who offer constant support, encouragement and advice. Of course there has been the occasional negative comment or accusation towards something I have written but generally the blog world is a lovely place to be. I like it here.

Who or what inspires you?

Inspiration comes in so many forms and it changes daily. Of course my children inspire me - to be a better person, a present muma, a little more carefree. I'm inspired by people who throw caution to the wind and travel the world, I'm inspired by creatives who make things with their hands, I'm inspired by story tellers and photographers. My pre-natal students inspire me - bearing witness to a pregnant woman as she gains awareness, understanding and faith in her self is an incredible honour.

Your photos are beautiful; What is your favourite thing to photograph? 

I love photographing the children, of course. And I love to capture still life - little vignettes around the home. Daniel has encouraged me to stand back a little and shoot more in the frame - I'm working on that now. 

Can you tell us where your children's names, Che and Poet came from? 

I wrote an entire blog post on Che's name (pronounced with a hard ch like in chalk - chay) - You can read it here.

As for Poet - we have always loved the sound of it, the fact that it was a 'word' name and I'm a writer, the prettiness of it and the fact that she would be Poet Smith - kinda like Word Smith. Her middle name 'Winter' was an obvious choice considering she was born on the full-moon in the middle of winter. 

You always seem so well presented, dressed and organised. Is this how you are EVERY day? (Please tell us you wear tracksuit pants and your hair is left unbrushed sometimes ;-))

A blog is never the whole story. Che & Fidel is a celebration of what is beautiful in my life - I choose to leave the whinging and moaning out (it occasionally slips in sometimes). I'll admit that I definitely like to be organsied but that isn't always possible with children. I only brush my hair after I wash it and yoga/harem pants are my at-home staple. I am so normal it's boring.

What are your hopes for the future?

More words, more children, cooking, eating, photographing, filming, travelling, being. 

Use three words to describe yourself

idealist, emotional, dreamer


  1. What a wonderful post Katrina!
    I love Jodi and her gorgeous family and I too have wondered about the kids names.
    Don't you just wish that you knew Jodi in real life?!

  2. Yes, Jodi is lovely. I have met her a couple of times but it was actually pre children and pre blogging strangely enough. :-)

  3. Beautiful post, Jodi has me captivated with every single post she does, she seems like such a beautiful heart x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, although I cannot take much credit. The beauty is in the responses. x

  5. Such a beautiful interview. Jodi is a blogging dream. x

  6. Hello. I've found you here from Che and Fidel. She is one inspirational lady!

    Andrea x

    1. Yes she is! Welcome to this little space of mine. xx

  7. I love this interview! What a great post! :)

  8. Beautiful interview, she really is a gorgeous lady.


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